The Balkans - and not least Bulgaria - is known throughout the world for their amazing folk music. Music that is nuanced, equilibristic, complex, melodious, with an infectious energy and great emotional depth.

     Orfeus Balkan Ensemble
was formed in 2014 and consists of four musicians - two Bulgarian and two Danish - who have entered deeply into the secrets of this music and master it on a high professional level.

     The repertoire comes from all parts of Bulgaria - rooted in the tradition, as well as in touch with the contemporary folk music. The repertoire includes new arrangements of old folk songs - and brand new pieces composed by the members of the band.

     Orfeus Balkan Ensemble has performed at concerts and music festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria and Serbia - and just released their first album "Zakachka"!

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  • Anne Eisensee - vocals
    Has been singing Bulgarian folk music for many years - as a member of "Vokalselskabet Glas" and “Usmifka” in Copenhagen. She has been studying with a number of great capacities; a.o. the famous Bulgarian singer Tsvetanka Varimezova and with the Bisserov sisters. Anne performs with great expressiveness and authenticity in many different styles of Bulgaria's unique vocal tradition.
  • Iordan Mandaliev - gayda (Bulgarian bagpipe)
  • Enis Ahmed - tambura & tapan
    Enis is educated at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv. His preferred instrument being the tambura, a Bulgarian plucked string instrument related to the mandoline. He was for several years playing in different folk music ensembles in his native town Haskovo “Zlatna Trakiya”, Trakiyski Ansambal”, Yuzhnyache”. In Denmark he has been performing with “Mizgin” and others.
  • Adam Ørvad - accordion
    Has since his childhood been playing folk music from the Balkans - from where he is now mastering a number of styles like a native. He is educated as a classical accordion soloist at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and has performed all over the globe with everything from baroque to avant-garde - as well as with different world music bands - and now with his own “Orfeus Balkan Ensemble”!


  • AnneAmager Bio 2020
  • AnneAmager Bio 2020
  • AnneDen Gamle Biograf, Gørlev 2019
  • AnneCopenhagen World Music Festival, Koncertkirken 2017.

  • AnneGergina, Festival of Vlach Music, Negotin, Serbia 2017
  • AnneConcert, Haskovo, Bulgaria 2017
  • AnneConcert, Haskovo, Bulgaria 2017.
    With Gergana Ørvad

  • AnneAlbum release concert, VerdensKulturCentret, Copenhagen 2017.
    With Nikolay & Panka Stoyanovi

  • AnnePalladium, Malmö, Sweden 2016
  • AnneArne B, Svendborg 2016
  • AnneTranquebar, Copenhagen 2016
  • AnneSankt Jørgensbjerg Church 2016
  • AnneWorkshop, Emmaus Højskole, Haslev 2016
  • AnneVerdensKulturCentret, Copenhagen World Music Festival 2015
  • AnneConcert, Metronomen, Copenhagen 2015
  • AnneVollsmose Kulturhus 2015
  • AnneKlaverfabrikken, Hillerød 2015



Marts 1. 14.00: "Med Bulgarien i Hjertet", Amager Bio, Copenhagen

Juli 7. 19.00: Tango & Vinos, Copenhagen

Juli 8. 19.00: Tango & Vinos, Copenhagen

August 29. 11.00: "Den Største Horo", Frederiksberg Town Square


Januar 6. 15.00: New year concert, Løgstør Church

Februar 2 22.00: Vinterjazz, Tango & Vinos, Copenhagen

Maj 18 11.00: Orfeus spiller til "The greatest Horo", Frederiksberg Town Square

Juli 5: Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Tango & Vinos,Copenhagen

August 10. 19.30: Concert, Uggerby  Church, Vendsyssel Festival

August 16. 20.00: Concert, Hundested Kino

August 24. 17.00: Concert, Turquazfestivalen, Folkets Park, Malmö, Sweden

November 25. 19.30: Concert, Den Gamle Biograf, Gørlev


February 25. 15.00: Concert, Scene1, Møn

April 29. 18.00: Orfeus plays at Tango & Vinos, København

May 3. 19.00: Concert, Kulturhuset Galaksen, Værløse

May 27. 11.00: "The greatest Horo", Frederiksberg Town Square

Maj 27 16.00: Performance at UN's International Family Day, FN-byen, Copenhagen. Soloist: Gergana Maria Ørvad

September 18: 19.00: Concert, Aarby Church

November: Orfeus is playing at Tango & Vinos, Copenhagen


April 1, 19.00: Release concert - Orfeus Balkan Ensemble releases their first Album "ZAKACHKA", VerdensKulturCentret, Copenhagen. Free entry.

April 14: Recording video spots in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for Tyankov Folk TV - soon to be broadcast!

April 15 11.00: Concert, Ploshtad Svoboda, Haskovo, Bulgaria

April 17 21.00: Concert, Gergina Festival of Vlach Music, Negotin, Serbia

May 20: Playing at Bulgarian party: Mahiyata na Balgarskiya Folklor i Ljubimite Pesni na Balgariya, Glostrup, Denmark.

May 25 21.00: Concert, Ringsted Byfest

September 7: Concert, Copenhagen World Music Festival, Koncertkirken, København

Watch feature about us on BTV news - Bulgarian TV 1, 16.10.17: http://m.btvnovinite.bg

Listen radio broadcast about us and interview with Adam Ørvad on Radio Beograd 2 02.10.17 - http://www.rts.rs


ORFEUS BALKAN ENSEMBLE's first album "Zakachka" ("joke") cam out in the spring 2017, and has been very well received, in Denmark as well as in Bulgaria!
The album contains folk music from all over Bulgaria - as well as our own compositions.
Click here to order the CD from Gateway Music - or find it on iTunes.

album Zakachka

1. Snezhina Rachenitsa - “Balgaro-Datska Zakachka” /
Snezha’s Rachenitsa - “Bulgarian-Danish Joke” (Filip Filipov)
2. Nyamalo momtsi za Doina / There were no lads for Doina (trad.)
3. Sitno Karay Tsigularyu / Run it finely, fiddler (trad.)
4. Buchimish (trad.)
5. Shopska Suita / Suite from Shoppe region
(trad./Filip Filipov/Adam Ørvad)
6. Brala moma ruzha tsvete / A girl was picking rose flowers (trad.)
7. Pozdrav za Enis / Greetings for Enis (trad./Filip Filipov)
8. Kalino, malino / Кalina, raspberry (trad.)
9. Songs from the land of Orpheus - Suite from Rodopa Mountains (trad.)
10. Horo za Trakiytsi / Dance for Thracians (Adam Ørvad)
11. Baino mi sa i lyube le / My brother threatened me, dear (trad.)
12. Slow melody & Kopanitsa Orfeus (Filip Filipov)